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Simulation Training & Exam


RESNET Combustion Safety and Workscope Field Simulation Exam 


RESNET’s Combustion Safety and Workscope certification requires completion with at least an 85% score of an interactive 3-D field simulation exam. Click below to purchase the simulation exam (cost: $199 per exam). Each purchase comes with ResCaz, a companion training simulation to help students prepare for the simulation exam. ResCaz has a large number of scenarios with which to practice, step-by-step video tutorials, helpful feedback reports and other useful resources. It will be available to each student for a period of 1 year.

ATTENTION: Please read and identify with one of the 4 options below before moving forward with your purchase.

I have a ResCaz sim provider account and would like to purchase additional licenses for my students. If this is you, please continue with your purchase below.

(2) I am a NEW PROVIDER. I have never purchased exam licenses and need to start a new ResCaz Provider account. I would like to purchase 2 OR MORE exam licenses. If this is you, please continue with your purchase below.

(3) I am a NEW PROVIDER, and have NOT set up a ResCaz exam management account. At this time, I would like to purchase only ONE exam license. If this is you, DO NOT CONTINUE WITH YOUR PURCHASE. Please email support@interplay-learning.com with your request.

(4) I am a STUDENT. I am either a current rater or rater candidate. My provider has sent me to this page to make my own purchase of ResCaz sim training and exam access. If this is you, please continue with your purchase below.

If you are an employer buying ResCaz on behalf of your employee, be sure to enter the employee's information under account and contact details. 

To purchase the ResCaz simulation exam click "ResCaz Sim" below on the bottom left.

Notes to Providers:

1. The ResCaz simulation store allows for multiple student license purchases. These licenses will remain in your inventory until you assign them to individual students.

2. Students will automatically receive their simulation login information when you activate their accounts by enrolling them in the course.

(Reminder, raters and candidates will also need to take the written exam.  You can start that process here: http://www1.resnet.us/rater/tests/application-caz.aspx

Have questions? Email us at support@interplay-learning.com or call us at 1 (855) 980-2525



RESNET Practical Exam

To purchase the RESNET Practical exam go to https://resnetpractical.com

[FOR PROVIDERS: After purchase of the RESNET practical exam sbove, forward order confirmation with first and last name(s), and email address(es) of student(s) for license(s) to be assigned, to support@interplay-learning.com.]

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